About Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Business Region is a company wholly owned by the City of Stockholm, and is part of the Stockholms Stadshus AB Corporation. The aim of the company is to make Stockholm the leading sustainable growth region in Europe.

Stockholm Business Region has two subsidiaries; Visit Stockholm and Invest Stockholm, which work together to promote, develop and market Stockholm as a business and tourist destination.

Board of Directors

Invest Stockholm is governed by the Stockholm Business Region’s board of Directors which consists of these members and alternates:


Ulla Hamilton (M)

Vice chair

Mounia Benbouzid (MP)


Joakim Gräns (M)
Lise-Lotte Fylking (M)
Karl Bern (FP)
Sofia Jöngren (C)
Mats Hulth (S)
Göran Johnsson (S)
Carina Fréden Larsson (S)


Annika Elmlund (M)
Lars Bengtson (M)
Hans Jeppsson (M)
Gudrun Waldenström (FP)
Christian Carlsson (KD)
Sanna Fransson (S)
Hans Kilsved (S)
Erica Wright (MP)
Maria Östberg Svanelind (S)

Lay auditor

Lars Riddervik (M)


Jan Demuth (MP)

(FP = The Liberal Party, KD = The Christian Democratic Party, M = The Moderate Party, MP = The Green Party, S = The Social Democratic Party)