Reasons to choose Stockholm

Why Stockholm? The answer’s easy: Stockholm is on a roll. Ranked as one of the most dynamic and innovative markets in the World, Stockholm is growing rapidly and attracting more visitors than ever. Add excellent venues and glitch free operations and you have the perfect location for your next international event.

The largest audiences

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia. With more than 10 million annual visitors it’s the place towards which people from all over Scandinavia gravitate. Add the 30 million+ people that live within a 1-hour plane ride from Stockholm and you quickly realize that no event is too big for The Capital of Scandinavia.

Easy to get to

Stockholm is located right at the heart of the expanding Scandinavian and Baltic region. Multiple international airports and the busiest seaport of the Baltic Sea make getting to Stockholm easy and convenient. Stockholm is little more than a two-hour flight away from major European cities like London and Paris. With direct flight connections from all over the world, getting to Stockholm is quick and easy.

A place where people want to go

People are more likely to travel to an event that takes place in an appealing location. Which is one major reason why events in Stockholm are attracting ever-larger crowds. Beauty, food, design, music, shopping and history – Stockholm has it all.

World-class venues

No matter the size of your event, the venue you’re looking for is in Stockholm! The city boasts an amazing range of arenas, facilities and exhibition centers for all types of sporting, cultural and entertainment events. And regardless if you’re looking for a mega, multipurpose arena or want to host an outdoor event on Stockholm’s blue waters, you have the most innovative technology at your disposal.

Here’s a small selection:
The Globe District, with its four arenas, is the largest and most important event arena in Scandinavia.

Stockholm International Fairs, one of the world’s leading and most flexible venues for meetings and events.

Stockholm Olympic Stadium, built to host the 1912 Olympics, is the oldest Olympic Stadium still in use, and in top-notch condition.

Friends Arena is the largest venue in Scandinavia. It’s Sweden’s national football arena but also hosts cultural, music and entertainment events.

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, right in the heart of the city center, is one of the world’s new leading venues for meetings, events and concerts. 

Accommodations for every budget

Stockholm is equipped to accept very large numbers of visitors. And you can stay right in the heart of the city, regardless of your budget or taste. In total, Stockholm offers more than 30,000 hotel rooms – the largest number in Scandinavia. By far. A majority of the accommodation alternatives are eco-labelled by the official Nordic eco-label system Svanen or other.

Excellent local communications

Stockholm’s local communications, including environmentally friendly airport express train, buses, underground, ferries and tram links, can transport large amounts of visitors quickly and glitch-free. Upon arrival in Stockholm, the express train takes you from the airport to the city center in just 20 minutes. The city itself is compact and cozy. Getting around is safe and easy, with most venues and hotels within comfortable walking distance.

The Sustainable choice

Are you aspiring to host a truly “green” event? In 2010 Stockholm was the first ever winner of the European Green Capital award. The city has adopted a unique approach to sustainability where every aspect of environmental, economic and social impact is part of the equation. Just about everything that happens in Stockholm does so with sustainability in mind.

Efficient and reliable

Sweden is one of the best-organized countries in the world. Most Stockholmers speak English fluently and have a reputation for being friendly and reliable. Hosting an event in Stockholm is glitch-free and offers high quality at a fair price.

Safe and inviting

We work hard to ensure the highest levels of security and wellbeing in all our hotels, arenas and venues. Be it a park, street or on the water – security is prioritized throughout the city of Stockholm

Experienced partners

Stockholm is Scandinavia’s undisputed hot spot for events. This means that everything you need as an organizer is already in place and has been tried and tested again and again. And when hosting an event in Stockholm, you get access to a whole network of vastly experienced organizations and companies that help pull off thousands of sporting, cultural and entertainment events every year. All with traditional Scandinavian attention to detail, flexibility and efficiency.